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We are the first wine tour that was incorporated in B.C. with 20 years of experience and a combined experience of 45 plus years.
Unique                                                                                                                                                 We strive to make each of our tours unique to the rest with fun surprises and games along the way.
Not only do we provide a unique guest experience, but we also offer Mandarin tours with a translator – Nǐ hǎo!
The owner-operator is a wine rep, a Kelowna Chamber ambassador, and has personal relationships with winemakers and owners throughout the valley and a background in business, hotel and tourist industry. 
Value                                                                                                                                                  Our prices are industry average even with all of the additional surprises and add-ons during our tours sometimes prices are subject to change without notice.
This is our number one mantra –  “With us, it’s all about YOU!”

Red and White Wine Tours

          With us, It’s all about you!          

Beautiful Vancouver Island Video

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Beautiful Okanagan Valley

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Reservations or Inquiries 

Call now and book today, 604-835-7242 or 250-801-3934.

PS. Please remove this number 250-762-9951 has been deleted.


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  1. Adventures in the Canada and the Okanagan Valley to Vancouver Island with Red and White Wine Tours.

    “It’s all about you” here at Red and White Wine Tours. wine, tourism and our beautiful Okanagan Valley! Making GRAPE friends and having fun is what it’s all about since 1994 – present.
    Tour available year round. OPERATING IN MULTI REGION
    Red and White Wine Tours with over 20 thousand customer since 1994 to 2018.
    Name: Red and White Wine Tours is Registered in Canada.
    RED AND WHITE WINE TOURS – Business Number: 767711112
    Registered the .CA &
    Phone: 604-835-7242
    Phone: 250-762-9951


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